viernes, 27 de noviembre de 2009

Our idea of exploring the world and Street Fighter

Some of you are going to think that I'm crazy when I suggest that maybe one of the reasons why we (my generation) want to discover our world, is because of the influence or impact that that fighting video game had in our minds while we were little children. My mother was blaming my sister for many years because she showed my youngest brother the old "Hulk" movie, and he had a horrible behaviour during the kinder garten and primary school, the funny part is that it seems my mother was right, because Hulk is one the movies that impress children the most, anyway I was trying my 3 y/o nephew dont pay attention to scary movie last weekend, and I couldnt :S, so he will probably have some memories about that movie during his whole life (shame on him), exactly what happened to me when it comes to Street Fighter.

I know that for other generations, it doesn't have anything better than the new games, but for me, it had everything about other places, and the people that lived there, while some of my friends were looking forward to manage new combos, I was always thinking why the Brazilian character Blanca was that horrible, or what about the Japanese restaurant where Honda used to fight, or why that Vega looked so sexy with that music while he fought. When youtube suggested me t0 watch the trailer of the last version of Street Fighter, now for different systems than nintedo, made me feel, that we are still looking for the same, the most amazing and attractive thing for us is still our world, and how different we are among nationalities and cultures. Even when McDonalds and KFC are trying to turn our world into a slut sold for money sacrificing inner characteristics, I hope we will be able to continue looking for those who are different from us no matter how far they are.