lunes, 24 de marzo de 2008

BrandoftheMonth03/08MarcadelMes: Burberry

Living in China where everything looks like Burberry, even the disposable cups, i couldn't resist to write about this amazing brand as the second brand of the month on my blog, Burberry is for me the most elegant aparrel brand in the world right now, in therms of positioning maybe is not as strong as others, but their clothes and promotion are so well linked, that all the people recognize the stripes and browns of this luxury brand.

I bet last winter you saw at least a Burberry style scarf or other accesory with the famous check of this old brand, started in 1856 by Thomas Burberry, in Hampshire, England, as a small store, is now closer than ever to the global market, after being dressing just royalty, military forces and glamourous superstars, their boutiques and online shops are in the main cities worlwide. As a brand Burberry has had the perfect touch for mixing all the elements that they has used during its long history. The Equestrian Knight apperead for the first time in 1901 and the Burberry Check was trademarked in 1920, and today is the 95th. most valuable brand in the world in the new Interbrand report of 2007.
Keeping the classic style above all, in the present collection, showing not many coats with the traditional check, is something that i consider well done, just for refreshing the brand and the costumers, but remains elegant as usual. The new advertising campaign is also something to talk about, without being breaktrough, has that english funny touch that makes you love it, maybe that is exactly, the english touch what makes this brand unique.