lunes, 4 de agosto de 2008

BrandoftheMonth08/08MarcadelMes: Air Asia

The brand that I saw the most in my last trip to Southeast Asia, I took at least 4 planes with them, and after that experienced I still loving this brand, the only thing I hate, but is a matter of luck, is that I always got the seat near or in the very emergency exit, so I need to be seated as the hundback of Notre Dame, besides that, the atention of the staff, the time and special what I love the most, their prices are so good. I think is a great brand, specially popular with the backpackers, they are starting now to fly to Europe, so what is the next step for these red planes? I hope a brand in Latinamerica :) Air Asia despite the fact you don't give me not even a bottle of water for free, you arr the brand of the month.

Spotdelmesagosto.008: Coca Cola "Bird's Nest"

In the august's spot of the month, Coca Cola shows its own bird nest, with olympic birds included, I think a sensational idea based on a simple copy of a great symbol of these olympic games, the part of the pomeranian, which is also something very chinese in modern age, because is one of the favourites dogs, it's my favorite.