jueves, 31 de diciembre de 2009


Hey 2009 thanks for everything, for the spicy delicious Seoul, for all the people you brought to my life, for the opportunity to wake up in front of those beautiful blue eyes, to give me a wonderful step brother in Beijing, for the opportunity to rethink about how to wash dishes avec les bks, for the new friends at the Embassy, for the old friends at the school, for letting me meet my family and mexican friends again, for remind me that I need to work hard everyday and keep going even when my country is not what I wish, for all those amazing nites at the club, for the Eiffel tower, for la paella en Madrid, for the invisible Ran, for Arturo in London, 谢谢Wanda, and all the people i met during trips, for the wonderful Marí reunion... but sorry, you are history now, so let 2010 come with the upcoming amazing adventures for me :D

domingo, 13 de diciembre de 2009



This is one of my latest art works, at the beginning was not meant to create conscience about how agriculture can cause the deer's death, but after the link between deer and the tractor's brand John Deere I changed it for that reason, hope you like it.

Something else about it:

Last time I went to Palenque my friend had this tractor there, so i made some shots from different angles, then today i decided to make this collage, and add some meaningful message to it.

martes, 8 de diciembre de 2009

Gracias Nelly Furtado!

Last week I had some problems on the facebook's page that I administer since 2 years ago, the topic was about using English instead of Spanish for the messages for fans, well that page was created to promote Mexico on facebook, specially for international fans, I mean people who came to Mexico, for them to recommend visiting Mexico to friends, or for those who are dreaming about coming to my country.

But yesterday while looking for new music on youtube, yeah I know, but I don't have MTV at home, so I need to do that once a while, and also check google.cn to be "tuned" on C-Pop, what is a really difficult task when you realize that most of that music is not that good, well at least for western ears, not talking about language, anyway I found Nelly Furtado's new single, Mi Plan featuring Alex Cuba (no idea who he is, sorry) but I was amazed by the rhythm and lyrics of this new song, the way she uses Spanish in this album, reminds me Shakira on her first albums.

So Nelly made me think, and also those weeks in Spain last summer, that the way to make Spanish a worldwide language is trough creating this kind of masterpieces, in music, in plastic arts, in business research, in literature and education, its not about overcoming English as the world language, but maybe is about bringing Spanish back that magic touch, just like Nelly has done.

sábado, 5 de diciembre de 2009

We are all unsustainable people

Some less than others, but We are all unsustainable people, our lives are full of comfortable and plastic-made things, appliances and services that make life easier, but we have reached the point when most of these objects are not necessary, but especially most of their packages and the amount we consume.

To reach nowadays' quality standard or to be chosen at the supermarket, they must be covered on plastic, no matter if we are talking about bubblegum or other not liquid products, what is more, we have plastic covering plastic in many bottled beverages or food.

Tagging something as a "green product" is very easy in underdeveloped countries, its about colouring the package in herbal green without making any difference in the ingredients, and keeping all the plastic and unnecessary parts of it.

The authorities of this century are not governments any more, but all those global companies, with larger budgets than many small countries, they are those that need to change the way we consume, it's not true that they followed the costumers trends to make changes in their packages or bottles, they tell us the way we need to buy those things that we need.

For example Coca Cola has a green department, that is trying to reduce the amount of plastic in their bottles, but they already had something so much better an greener before, the glass bottle, the one that needed to be given back to the factory for them to refill it. Then is not true that they are really looking forward to make an impact because they can really decide how to improve the quality of our environment. If people wouldn't have plastic as an option, how they would consume it.

Until the moment when companies put business after conservation, we can not talk about green vision or eco-friendly companies, by now we will continue seeing how companies all over the world use our planet as an excuse to market the so-called green products just because they are in "vogue" or making campaigns for the environment in order to reduce their taxes.

Then, decisions that are going to made in Copenhagen in the upcoming days are very important, but those that will be made by the global companies in the future will be crucial.